Backwoods 222

Are you a history buff? Love to hear stories and tales of yesterday? Then Backwoods 222 is the wedding venue for you! The 222 stands for two balconies and 22 rooms in this stately venue!

Chocked full of history, the barn was built in 1968 by the Schuster Family. They created the Platte Purchase Antique Barn.

The three stories and 22 rooms were full of antiques. The family gave tours and had a restaurant inside for those that wanted to make a day of it.

Now you can step back into time, enjoying this iconic historical piece on your wedding day! The venue is set up for indoor or outdoor weddings! The majestic balconies and columns all decorated with Tule and twinkle lights is a sight to behold!

Outside you can see the old trapper’s cottage and the unique stone wall complete with authentic original horse tying rings!

You know the old wive’s tale “something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue”? Well you can knock three of those out with one stone here! They have a vintage blue truck on the property, creating vintage, unique photographs of your wedding!

Enjoy the Victorian era and the idea of old studies and men smoking cigars? Well you can re-enact history for your wedding! Have your groom and his men sit in the old study lounge and enjoy a drink or cigar in celebration!

The ladies can get ready in front of an antique gorgeous wooden vanity with matching mirror! Just like a Victorian lady!

Inside the barn on the first balcony over looking the tule and the lights is a vintage cottage, nestled up in the rafters of the barn. Bridesmaids and the bride can stay the night before and it’s a great place to stay on your wedding night! Stay and enjoy your party until you crash! It’s only a short flight of stairs to you room!

In the morning, sit outside and bask in the nature. On our short stay we saw hummingbirds and butterflies from the front porch! Come sit and be still.

The owners have tons of decorations available at no extra cost for their couples to use! Before you buy those slabs of wood for all your table decorations, be sure to ask and see what they have available first!

Check out the historical Backwoods 222 wedding venue! Located in Gower, Missouri!

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