Hilton Wedding Boutique

Hilton Wedding Boutique

She’s beauty and she’s grace (did anyone sing that with me just now? Nate had no clue. It’s a song of Miss Congeniality. Great movie! And….I probably just dated myself.)

Hilton Wedding Boutique is the epitome of beauty and grace. When you walk in, you feel a calmness, a softness, grace. You just know, this is the right place. Here you are going to feel prettier than ever before. Here, you will feel like a princess.

Yulia, (I love her name, rhymes with Julia) cheerfully welcomes you into the soft space.  Creams and light blues, soft draping veils and lace. Crystal chandeliers, cream couches, comfy pillows, large creamy mirrors. Are you starting to “feel” this place? Bring in some old charming elements, the creamy original tin ceiling and the exposed original brick wall. I just wanted to stay there all day in that relaxing environment.

The dresses, all lined up, trains and veils, lace and sequins, beads and fabric flowers, ALL are handmade. Hand. Made. WOW. Working with four designers to fill her shop, you are sure to find the perfect dress. I saw at LEAST 10 while I was in there, that I wanted to try on so! Hey maybe I can talk Nate into a vow renewal… hhmmm.

Seriously, I saw champagne bottles in her fridge. This woman is so sweet and kind with a bubbly soft nature. You are sure to have a relaxing day in her store, finding the perfect dress, soaking in the beauty and the grace of the space, feeling like a princess.

Feel like a princess! Go to Hilton Wedding Boutique!

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  1. Sayer says:

    This is beautifully put together and makes me want to meet Yulia! <3

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