Meet us Mondays: The one where our paths crossed but we never met

Sep 8, 2020

The story of Nate and Christina Rice: Part 1

The story of us part 1: The one where they cross paths, but never meet.

I have decided to do something a bit different and let you in on us. Who are we? What are we like? What’s our history?

Let’s get real and walk life together. I want you all to know us! Let’s be friends.

I’m going to start telling the story of Nate and I. We have had a lot of trials in our life, miscarriage, loss of health, house, finances, loved ones. The trials of life. I want you to know what makes us … well… us!

We both have an adventurous side. We like to see and do new things, experience life. I chose to study abroad my summers in college, spending time in Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. and after college I went to Colorado where I taught snow skiing to children and also visited Africa!

Nate did things the opposite way. After high school he went to Antarctica and New Zealand and then worked as an intern in Washington DC for our congressman. THEN, he went to college.

I moved home, back to the Maryville area in 2009. The man that farmed with my dad for most of my entire life, was in kidney failure and dad needed some help on the farm. So. That meant me.

I came back and worked on the farm for the next five years.

Have any of you seen the movie “You’ve Got Mail”? It’s an older one, but one of my favorites. In the beginning Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are communicating by an online chat, but they haven’t met yet. They travel the same path to work every morning, passing each other on the street, going to the same coffee place and so on.

Yet they never “meet”. They fall in love online, but still don’t notice each other in their surroundings.

I used to be so intrigued by that concept. The man that just walked by, could he be my one and only?

Well, needless to say. That happened to us! Of course it took us 3 more years before we “met” which is way longer than it took Meg to meet Hank.

The man that worked for my father had a son, who hung out with Nate. They used to drive past my parents house and Alex would tell Nate all about the daughter that was there farming with her dad!

I was living in Maryville and was attending the same church as Nate. However, there are two services and even though we attended the same church and knew the same people, in the three years I went there….. I NEVER met Nate!

And lastly, my favorite incident. I remember going for walks around town and one day I met my old boss from when I worked at Walmart back in 2003. So 6 years earlier. She remembered me and we decided to go for a walk that day. Now that was the only day we ever walked together, we never did it again! Not sure why.

As we walked down a street, I was bemoaning the fact that ‘all the good guys seem to be taken already’ as a lot of young girls feel, when a cute man went zipping by on his motorcycle. I remember laughing and telling her “why can’t I get a man like that?! What’s a girl got to do?” I asked her “Do you think if I pretended to have twisted my ankle he would offer me a ride”?

Three years later as Nate and I were dating, we discovered that was NATE that drove past us that day. You see he used to coach football and he had coached my ex-bosses child and he knew who she was. He says he remembered her walking with a cute girl and thinking “why can’t I find a cute girl like her”?

I’m sure there are many more instances where we crossed paths and never “met”. My real life chick flick story just like the opening scenes out of You’ve Got Mail!

Part of the opening scene where they travel the same route to work yet never “meet”.

How about you? Did you ever run across your significant other before you officially “met”?

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