Meet us Mondays: The one where we finally met

Sep 14, 2020

Meet us Mondays: The story of Nate and Christina Rice: The one where we finally met.

So last week, we started our blog series on getting to know us and how we ran into each other but never officially “met”.

You can read about that HERE.

After three years of knowing the same people and going to the same church, we FINALLY met. I had been going to the college aged class even though I had been out of college for a few year, just because there wasn’t any single professional aged classes at the time.

Nate had been teaching the high school Sunday school class and decided he needed a break. They agreed on the condition that he attend a class. So he chose the college aged class as well.

Now God was still working, because Pastor Paul was the teacher of that class and he knew Nate well. Nate was best friends with the pastor’s son after all.

Pastor Paul would not have asked Nate to introduce himself, as he already knew him, but as God had it, Pastor Paul was GONE that Sunday and we had substitute teachers. They had come from Tennessee and didn’t know Nate. They had subbed in our class before, but this was his first time coming.

He had been heavy into weightlifting at this time, competing in competitions. He could dead lift 600 pounds!!! So he was pretty beefy.

He also apparently doesn’t do mornings well and was “tired” which means he had a HUGE scowl on his face! I remember thinking he looked scary, thinking, “please don’t sit next to me”. Of course. He sat next to me.

Our sub teachers asked him to introduce himself, where he told us he knew sign language. They asked him to teach us something and so he did the sign for Turtle while saying “Turtle Turtle” in a very high pitch squeaky voice. He also did penquin and ice cream.

See his video!!!

I decided then that any man that would do that in public, couldn’t be scary. Still today it’s my favorite sign and I request that he sign it to me often!

Stay tuned for next week’s “Meet us Monday’s” as I share how we finally “got together”!

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