Meet Us Monday’s: The one where Nate Skipped Dating.

Sep 21, 2020

Meet Us Monday’s:

So Now that Nate and I had officially “met” how was I going to get him to notice me? He had mentioned that he had minored in sign language. My uncle had married a woman who has a deaf nephew.

So I asked Nate if he would teach me sign language so that I could talk to my step-cousin when I saw him.

We met twice, where we talked more than learned sign language.

His mom owned a movie rental place, so one night I decided to stop in and see if he was working. When I got there, there were a lot of gamers in the store playing a nerd type game. Nate promptly and in a very loud voice said

“hey everyone, this is my girlfriend!” Uh WHAT?! We had never even been on a DATE and I was the girlfriend?

Apparently, Nate thought the two night of sign language were dates and that two were enough! Ha!

I wasn’t’ sure what to think, took me completely off guard. I went home and called a friend and told her all about it. She asked if he gave off a creepy vibe to which I said no, so she advised me to stick with it a week or so and see what happened!

The very next time we hung out he told me he loved me. Man this boy was moving fast! I went home and called the same friend who said, “well he seems nice, stick it out another week and see what happens”.

And we are still together today, so I guess his ploy worked! Not that I would recommend skipping the whole dating side of relationships. If she hadn’t encouraged me to “stick it out one more week” well… things could have looked a lot different!

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