Wedding at Castle Bridge, St. Jospeh, MO

Sep 21, 2020

Wedding at Castle Bridge, St. Jospeh, MO

I’ve never met a woman as beautiful or as strong as you. I truly believe you were God-sent for me. Those were Hunter’s words to his new bride Aubrey during the testimony he gave to all of their friends and family.

Hunter spoke about how he came to Christ, how you need a relationship with Jesus every day and not just when the going gets tough. He spoke of his rowdy days and how God turned his life around and he offered to show anyone in the room who was interested, how to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior.

He also told about how he thought he would never find someone and then along came Aubrey.

Someone that had a similar sense of humor, who understood him. They were inseparable since the first day, always wanting to spend every waking moment of every day together.

Their love radiated around them, touching everyone they came into contact with. They shared God’s love in everything they did that day and I am positive in everything they do every day. They live for God.

Aubrey and Hunter,

Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. It was a beautiful day with a soft breeze from God as though he was there hugging you all day. It was touching and moving and we truly enjoyed getting to capture the moments in our camera. I hope you love the photos as much as we loved our time with you. We love you guys to the fullest and pray God blesses your marriage greatly. I might toss some bloopers and behind the scenes photos in just so you can remember the good times we had off camera on your wedding day!

Castle Bridge was the perfect venue for such a sweet couple!

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