Parnell Photography 4yr old session

Sep 23, 2020

Parnell Photography 4 yr old session

“Oh crap, there’s cow shit. There’s mor cow shit. There’s just cow shit everywhere.” Declared Alex as we walked across the cow pasture.

As his mother reprimanded him for saying shit I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud. He was just so darn cute and all pure country! LOL

Almost everything that kiddo said made me bust out laughing. You see he is 4 years old this year and we are buddies.

His mother is the reason we are photographers. I used to work for the newspaper and Ame saw some horse show photos I had posted. Which I typically didn’t post photos I took. I had been playing with a new lens.

She asked if I would take her family photos that year. I was soooooo nervous!

I had done sports and rodeos and groups and events for the paper, but not someone’s family photos that would be blown up and posted on the wall for ever and ever!

She had complete faith in my telling me I was going to be great. We did her photos, his three year old photos, Christmas photos and her extended family photos all in the fall of that year. By the time we were done with the last session, Alex and I were buds.

I’m really surprised that he remembered me actually. It’s been about a year since I’ve seen him, but as we pulled up he came running to give big hugs yelling HI CHRISTINA, HI NATE!

Dear Ame,

Thank you for seeing the potential in me. Thank you for having faith in me when I doubted myself. So much has happened since that day I posted a handful of horse photos. You are a fantastic friend, I couldn’t ask for a better friend who has my back. Thanks for being part of my tribe. Love you lots! Give little guy a hug for me too!

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