Parnell Photography Senior Photos

Sep 24, 2020

Parnell Photography Senior photos

A boy, his tractor, his girl and his dog. That just about sums up the best things in a country boys life.

For a boy that really didn’t want senior photos taken, he was sure a good sport. And, man, does he have an eye for photography. He had already thought of the same locations and poses as I was planning on doing.

Craig made it super easy, just rolling through them lickety split. He is in yearbook this year, the school will be lucky to have a man with an eye like his for layout!

The location, absolutely gorgeous. Of course, I grew up on a farm so I’m a little partial to the rolling hills with cow pastures and corn. Their house has a high ridge that overlooks rolling hills of grain.

This time of year is just beautiful with the golden brown corn and the trees are still green. They have a second ridgeline that overlooks a quaint pond with quiet happy red cows dotting the landscape.

It’s so quiet and peaceful you can hear the wind whistling in the trees, the birds chatter as they fly around and the cadydids and crickets singing their lullaby.

Every country farm needs a good old dog and Sam fit the bill perfectly. Sweet, gentle and kind and I was obsessed with her blue eye. The intense coolness of the steel blue color. She didn’t’ hold still long enough for me to get a close up of that eye!

Dear Craig

Thank you for letting us capture this milestone in your life. We are truly honored to have been chosen. You have such a tender heart and an easy-going spirit. Your mom is blessed to have you. Thanks for going along with all the crazy ideas!

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