Omaha Wedding: The Pella At Blackstone

Omaha Wedding

Omaha Wedding. The Pella at Blackstone

“You’re not going to be a good husband, you’re going to be a great husband and you did what I did 28 years ago. You married well.”

Those were the words of a father to a son. As glasses clinked, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. The toast was beautiful, wonderful words spoken to both bride and groom. You could tell they think of the bride as if she were their own daughter. They love her oh so very much.

Twinkling lights up above set the ambiance. Lights turned down low, music playing. Laughter. So much laughter. And I don’t think I have seen a bigger smile on a bride all day!

Dear Miranda & Nolan

Thank you so much for letting us be part of your special day. You mean the world to us! I’m not sure we ever admitted it before, you may have guessed, but your family photos last year, were our very first paid photo shoot.

It was a true God moment for us. You see there are lots of photographers in the area and someone tagged a lady we knew in Renee’s post. I didn’t even realize that lady did photography! But she wasn’t feeling well and passed your name along to us!

I had worked as a news paper reporter so I had experience taking photos and I had done some free sessions for friends, but you were my first professional client!

I was so nervous! I bet I was more nervous that Nolan…. Well maybe not! LOL. I wanted to serve you well. I wanted your photos to look good and I wanted to capture that proposal with all the emotion that went into it!

You were our first engagement session and I remember being so happy how your images turned out. I had the “I can’t believe that is my art” moment looking through your photos. Thank you for being so gracious enough to let me use those photos everywhere! Those photos are what brought in our clients this year.

You also were our very first wedding that we ever booked! You had so much faith in us! I think I squealed with excitement all day, the day you said you would book us. I couldn’t believe that someone chose US to capture their wedding! Most photographers have to wait YEARS to get that chance!

You have been part of this journey since ground zero and you will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We wouldn’t be here in this business without you! And of course, you were married on Nate’s 35 birthday! Definity, yours will be an anniversary we shouldn’t forget!

I hope by admitting that you were so many firsts for us, doesn’t change the way you feel about your experience with us!

Miranda, you are truly beautiful inside and out, you are one of the kindest people I have ever met.

We hope you enjoyed your day and we hope you enjoy your photos! Remember to write down moments from your big day so you won’t forget things that weren’t captured by the camera, such as being honked at by the fire truck!

We love you guys! Thank you so much for taking a leap of faith with us!

To read about how Noland Proposed, see their proposal blog Here!

To see their engagement photos, click here!

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