Clarinda Iowa Wedding

Oct 12, 2020

Clarinda Iowa Wedding

A laughing, bright eyed toddler, wobbling over with arms raised up, asking to be picked up.

The man picks her up and holds her as she giggles with happiness. He tenderly feeds her and attends to her needs.

To most people this would look like a father with his baby girl, or at least a close family member. Nope. This is man in the wedding party and the child is not his, but he loves on her as if she was.

This wedding party truly has community. They are like family. They care for one another with such compassion and tenderness that you honestly can not tell which child belongs to which parent.

All of the adults attend to the children’s needs and they all contribute to discipline if needed. This is a “village” a “tribe”.

It’s rare in these days to find such community amongst the younger generations, it’s a thing of the past.

Caitlyn and Dan’s wedding was beautiful and made so by the wonderful people they call friends in their lives. Friends that will be there no matter what. Friends that have each others backs. Friends so comfortable with each other they all help raise each other’s children.

Caitlyn and Dan

We pray that you will always have this community in your life. To always have people that love and care for you that will walk the journey of life with you. To be there when you need to talk. To help strengthen your marriage.

Thank you for letting us capture your wedding day. It was a true honor and we had a lot of fun with you guys! Your love for each other is outstanding and we couldn’t be happier for you! Remember to always communicate with each other and don’t sweat the small things in marriage! At the end of the day, you have married your best friend and there is no better way to go through life, than with your best friend! We love you guys!

What a beautiful Clarinda Iowa Wedding!

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