Omaha wedding 2: Lilac Hills

Omaha wedding at Lilac Hills. Well actually it’s in Louisville which is a small town just outside of Omaha.

Eucalyptus garland, lanterns, twinkle lights, gold sparkly centerpieces. Tall stately arches with ribbons of fabric draped over the high beams.

The room looked perfect. One would never guess it had been planned in a week.

Our beautiful bride smiling from ear to ear as she prepared to marry her sweetheart. No anger, no bitterness, only happiness and joy. One would never know that her entire wedding was canceled a week before.

That’s right. Canceled. She had planned a gorgeous wedding in a different state and a week before her wedding, covid restrictions canceled her wedding.

She had to find a photographer, cake decorator, officiant, DJ and caterer in a week. And she did!

The wedding was at the beautiful Lilac Hills just outside of Omaha. She works with the groom of one of our other weddings this year and was referred to us. Just so happens Nate had just the exact amount of hours of PTO needed to take off so we could cover her wedding!

I’m so glad we were able to help her out and take that stress off her plate. I even got all the photos edited in two days! If you are a bride reading this, that is not our normal and we usually state it can take up to a month,  BUT it obviously can happen!

Dear Taylor and Chris

Your wedding was beautiful and I hope you found joy on your special day. Even though it didn’t go as planned. You two will face many obstacles in your married life and watching the way you handled the wedding planning, I know you two will survive those hard times in your marriage. You have the strength, tenacity and love for each other to go the distance. We are so glad we got to know you and share your special day with you! We love you guys!

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