New Year Resolutions

Jan 11, 2021

Lets talk New Year Resolutions. Raise your hand if you have already failed them this year! Yep that’s usually me. I don’t typically last very long at my new “goals”

Drop a comment below with what your New Year’s Resolutions are this year! We want to cheer you on! If you have fallen off the wagon, restart and we will be here to encourage you!

So this year, I want to focus on getting healthy. I’m overweight. Well “morbidly obese” according to my doctor. Morbid. What an awful word. Anyway, I have always been lets say “chubby”. As a child, a teen, an adult.

The obesity has started to cause other health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, PCOS, depression, anxiety and acid reflux. This year, I’m determined to change all of that.

I want to weigh less than my dog. Yep that’s my goal. To weigh less than my dog. Now don’t panic, my dog is a great dane/pyrenees mix and he actually weighs in the normal weight range for someone of my height. I just think it would be fun to say I weigh less than my dog. You can see a photo of my puppy on our home page.

So that is over 100 pounds. I’m generalizing here. I’m like most women and don’t really want to admit what I truly weigh…..not even to my husband. I told him I “might” admit my start weight when I hit my target weight. We will see. My goal is to lose it one year. So what’s the plan of action?

  1. I’m drinking Pruvit Ketones. What are Ketones? I have written a blog post all about ketones, which I will link here once it’s posted. Short version, they put you into ketosis in half an hour! Ketosis is when your body is BURNING THE FAT!! WHOOP WHOOP! Now you can get there with food, but it can take a week and if you eat something naughty, your back a square one. Not with these babies. You stay in ketosis ALL the time, even if you cheated! My friend sells these babies. You can follow along on her facebook page for tips and recipes here!

Check out her before and afters!!! She has lost 195 pounds this year alone!

2. We are eating the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I love these gals, they are so fun! Basically, they have studied all the different diets out there and researched them with the bible. We have done this plan before and lost weight, but then life happens and we went back to the standard american diet.

The basic gist of this plan is of course no high carb foods like rice, bread, potatoes and pasta. Fat and carbs (good carbs like beans and fruit) are both fuels for the body. Their theory is that the body can only burn on fuel at a time so either fat or carbs. If you eat both in one meal, the body will burn one and store the other as fat. It’s hard to explain, but pretty interesting. They are like keto, only they allow beans and fruit. So for example if you wanted to eat tacos and wanted “fat” you would have hamburger with sour cream and cheese. If you wanted tacos and “carbs” you would have chicken, beans and greek yogurt instead of sour cream. So it’s about pairing foods.

Check out their website Here! They also have a podcast and Facebook and all that jaz.

3. We are keeping it under 20 grams of carbs a day.

4. This means I drink a ketone drink around mid morning and I only eat supper. Did I mention the ketone drinks stop cravings and curb hunger as well as they have caffeine for an energy boost? Check out Chrissy’s page!

5. Exercise. So I asked my dad for a year long gym pass for Christmas. I know, not a “cool” gift. But I told you I’m serious about losing weight this year. I am walking an hour a day and then Nate and I are lifting weights after work.

It’s been one month and Nate is down 22 pounds. Men lose so much faster, lets be real. I have lost 17 pounds, but my weight is only down 11 pounds….. I kinda gained 6 pounds over Christmas dinners and had to re lose those…

I’d love to hear your resolutions! Get back on the wagon and lets encourage each other this year! We can do it!

Here’s a photo of my dog! That one day will weigh more than me!

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