How to get awesome wedding photos

How to get awesome wedding photos

Your action and your attitude on your wedding day can greatly help us get the creamy, dreamy, romantic photos that you see in our work and love. How so?

Just pause a moment and wait for me!

We shoot in manual mode, which means we set every single camera setting ourselves, nothing on our camera is automated. It takes some time to get those settings set for each situation we are in. If you move too fast and the camera settings aren’t set…… then we will miss the shot and you won’t have it.

When does this come into play? Situations like the first look, cake cutting, tossing the bouquet and entering into your reception.

For example: If we haven’t had time to get into the reception and reset the camera settings and the flash before you start walking in….. we will miss the shot.

I like to get the settings all set, and then I will tell you I’m ready! So just pause a moment, get the nod of ok from me and we will be good to go!

It’s all about the light!

Not all light is created equal. There’s harsh light, soft light, diffused, spoty and the list goes on. There is sooo much to know about how the light hits your face and how that will look in photos.

I have taken a LOT of education on the science of light. If you like our work and the look of our photos, there is an art to recreate those.

I can’t take photos just anywhere. Surprise!

I can’t make the light do something it’s not doing. I can modify it and use it to my advantage, but I have to work with what is given.

Listen to location suggestions

Listen to my suggestions for locations. They are based on how the light is in those locations and how it will look on you.

Be willing to walk to a “different” shade tree than the first one. Trust that I know the light is a little better in the other location even if it just looks like another shade tree to you. Not all shade is equal!

Be willing to take photos in a location that doesn’t look like much to you. For example, the photo in this blog is the side of a bank, in an alleyway. Not ideal. But it had a nice soft even light on their faces and the background was non distracting allowing the blue to pop off the background.

The one shade tree at the church… wasn’t big enough for the whole bridal party to fit under it without hot spots on their faces and cars in the background. See the photo in the blog and notice all the hotspots!

Trust that we are doing our best to provide you the best photo scenarios possible.

Not all shade is created equal. See all the hot spots on them? If I had faced them the other way the background would have been full of cars! See the next photo for the solution!
Taking a photo in an unconventional location! Look how nice and even the light is on their faces and the blue pops off the clean background!

Remember we are creating ART, not just snappin pix

There is a reason you didn’t just have a friend take photos at your wedding. You wanted a professional.. someone who understands light and has an artistic eye.

It is an art to get the lead lines in a photo just right and the composition, background, light and camera settings “just right”. Be a little patient as we place you and make small adjustments.

I will want to take photos at different angles, or in the same location with different lens. You will see in this blog a couple under a tree and the couple under the same tree farther back. Both shots are awesome, but I had to change my lens in between the shots and change the camera settings in order to capture both images. So have a little patience, enjoy each other and rest assured the photos will be great!

Trust me, these photos will live on FOREVER and we want them to be spectacular and our best work, not hurried or sloppy!

Same tree taken from different angles with different lens and different camera settings! Have a little patience during portait time!

What if I want a specific background?

Even if the light is not ideal, lets say we are in a location that means a lot to you, or it’s an epic background, of course we will want to capture it! We just won’t do all your beautiful loving romantic poses there. There are a few tricks to making harsh light work and we know them! We are just a little more limited on poses that will turn out nicely.

You will see in this blog a photo of a couple in front of the pond on their land! Gorgeous blue skies and those clouds! Epic and I love it!

However, you will also see some portraits of a couple located in nice soft dreamy light and I just want you to notice the difference in the softness!

Epic location and I LOVE those clouds and the blue sky!! Just notice however, the difference in the harsh light and shadows on the couple compared to the next couple taken in soft creamy light!

Family portraits

You will not have time to take every single combination of family portraits known to man. You just won’t. Or you are going to miss your reception.

This can be really hard when everyone wants a photo with you afterwards!

Sometimes, these photos need to be a snapshot taken during the reception and not during the family photo time. I am always willing to get shots of you at the reception with loved ones!

I send you a family photo list when you book. This is the time for you to decide which family formal groupings YOU want, (not what mom or aunt suzie wants). You can help us out by filling that form out!

Light plays a role in large groupings too and be prepared for us all to go outside looking for good light for these photos as well! Even if its hot! LOL

In this blog you will see family photos taken inside where the light was not great and family photos taken outside in fantastic light! Note the difference!

Family formals inside with not so great light. It was really hot out and some family members had some medical conditions so we chose to keep them inside where it was cooler. However, look at the difference in the next photo where the family formals were taken outside in creamy dreamy light.


We know how much time we need to capture each segment of the day. You can not capture “everything” in less time. Please listen to my advice on the timelines and let us help create your timeline for the day.

I want you to love your photos. You chose us because you liked our work and our art. If you decide to drastically cut down the time allowed for photos…. you aren’t going to get the “art”. You will end up with rushed images that lack any creativity.

These are a few ways you can help your photographer and ensure you have awesome wedding photos you LOVE on your wedding day!

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