Cotton Candy Wedding

Cotton Candy at your wedding!

Want something unique and fun?! Something that fits you that no one else is doing?

How about having a cotton candy vendor at your wedding!?

Brooklynn Meinke, located in Kansas City, does just that. She studied abroad in the United Kingdom (I’m totally jealous) where she was studying entrepreneurism and management.

As a final project for her course work, she created a cotton candy business named Sugar and Sky.

“I picked Cotton Candy because I wanted something I could afford to actually start doing for my final project of my degree, rather than just researching a dreamed up business, and it also allowed me to be involved with people and their special events. I LOVE celebrating people, and celebrating with them and I also love to plan, organize and execute beautiful events (I previously did catering for 11 years).  Sugar and Sky grew into more than I could have ever imagined really, and I’ve had a lot of support the whole way from my professors, friends, and family.”

Sugar and Sky offers a few different things.

FIRST. You can order online from her store. Just individual tubs, boxes, and a few other special items. Makes for great gifts! prices range from $4-20.

SECOND. She offers gifts/party favors/weddings favors. Also great for businesses to give to their partners, employees, or customers/clients. These come in a variety of styles: bags, tubs, jars or any other vision you may have! She will work with you to make it come alive. Prices of these range from $3-6 each.

THIRD. (and the best option of all) LIVE SPINNING!

This is where you can book Brooklynn for an hourly rate and she will spin 5 flavors of your choice at an unlimited amount for the time she is there.

It is $150 for the first hour and the $50 for every hour after that. (rates may change since the writing of this blog and travel might be an additional expense.

This is the most memorable, interactive, and entertaining experience for the client, and their guests!

The most unique piece of Brooklynn’s business is the variety of flavors she offers (literally anything you can think of) but her most popular flavor is the alcohol infused “boozy floss”!

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You should have a cotton candy wedding!

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