5 reasons why you need a wedding album!

5 reasons why you need a wedding album

We lost all of our wedding photos.

Yep, you heard me. All of them, print and digitals due to black mold in our home. The same as if our home had been burned in a fire.

Fast forward 5 years and my inlaws moved, finding…. A CD of our wedding photos!
You guys, the FIRST thing I did…. Was print a new wedding album! Why? Because there is just something about holding an album with your photos and being able to flip the pages and relive the day and be reminded of your love for each other.

If I could only take a handful of items out of our house, it would be our photo albums. Hands down.

I believe in albums so much, that I want every one of our couples to have one and I truly think you will regret it one day if you don’t!

I personally have a mix of professional lab grade albums and commercial grade albums, but at the end of the day… I have… ALBUMS!

See I have the fancy real leather lay flat books and I have the story books that don’t lay flat, to be honest it depended on my budget in each season of life, what important is that I have the albums!

A wedding album, will be an investment for you, and I get that. And I also understand that every bride has a budget, but the beauty of a budget is you get to say where it goes! This is also why we offer both a high end lay flat legacy album option and a story book option, so we can get those photos into your hands! Did I mention I have both kinds in our own home?

I want to explain to you from the bottom of my heart why I truly believe that a wedding album is one of the most important ways to allocate part of your wedding budget.

Why you need a wedding album

Reason 1: An album tells the story of your wedding day in a way that no other product can.

Canvas and large prints on the wall are gorgeous and you definity should have some, but they won’t tell the WHOLE story.

If you have a couple up on the wall…..where are all the others?? Hiding in digital space??!! Will your children really want to sit down and scroll hours and hours through all your google drive photos someday?

No. They are going to do what you did when you were young. Go get the special album with the photos in it you want to see, settle into your lap and go through the memories.

Reason 2: This album is the start of your new life together. Even if you lived together before, or had children, this is the start of your life merged together. Celebrating your commitment to each other.

Your wedding album will be passed on to future generations allowing them to know and cherish your love story and their heritage! Family members you will never meet, will have the chance to get to know a piece of your story through your images!

Reason 3: When trials come, and they will, this album will remind you of the love and the bond you have. It will help bring you back together. There are times I am so upset with Nate and I will look through our album and cry as I see the way he looked at me that day and I am reminded that he does love me and I soften and I’m ready to work it out.

Looking through your album will reignite your feelings for each other.

We were just babies! This is page I look at when I need a reminder.
This would be the style of our story books, however, they would be higher quality than this one!

Reason 4: There is nothing like a tangible item. You might have adapted to technology and you read books on your ipad and such, but close your eyes and remember with me. Remember when you were little and you were at grandmas and you got out those albums, flipping through the pages and laughing at what dorks your parents were!! Remember the fun? Remember as she would tell you the stories that went along with the photos?

Your aunt that made a bunny suit for your dad and he had to wear it for Halloween or your mom who made her own prom dress and was sooo proud of it. I remember a photo of my uncle in bell bottoms with his dog and being told the story that he would go through McDonalds and always bought his dog a cheeseburger!

Remember those memories? Don’t you want your children to have those memories too?

I know it seems like a heavy investment. But let’s think about how much we spend in our homes on tech, TVs, gadgets, the newest kindle, or a newer iphone that will be obsolete in a couple of years and tossed out as you purchase the next newer version.

Unlike these tech gadgets… your album will last a LIFETIME.

Reason 5: It will always bring you joy! Big investments can seem scary and you may wonder if its really worth it. I have never regretted purchasing my wedding album and remember, it was the first thing I Repurchased when I had the chance! I value our albums more than anything else in our home, because it reminds me and tells me our love story.

I think of the movie “The Notebook” when she gets old and can’t remember and I hope those photo albums will spark my memories if I should ever get dementia!

Or if something would happen to Nate, those albums would be priceless. You can’t hug a computer screen and cry, you’d break it, or you would push the wrong buttons and do something to it. But you can clutch that album. You can fall asleep with that in your arms.

I know that may seem like a sinister thought, but you will lose loved ones in your life. My mother died months after our wedding and our wedding photos were the last photos I took with her. Priceless. I truly believe albums are worth investing in.

One of the things I love most about my job is capturing those memories for you! But capturing them is only half the job. Preserving them so you can enjoy them for a lifetime…. Now that, is a job complete.

So what about making your own album?

If you would truly make your own album, I would be ecstatic. After all, I give you the digitals. But can I tell you the number of brides who after a year, still haven’t even downloaded their images off the gallery?…… most of them.

I have to message them and remind them to save their photos before they are gone forever. They want the digitals, but life gets busy, they get busy and their photos just sit in that gallery and they never print or even save them on their computer!

I have brides who still share only cell phone photos of their day because they haven’t downloaded their digital images! You have good intentions, but do you really have the time to follow through?

This is our signature album we offer

The benefits of purchasing your album through your photographer

Reason 1: You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to find the time to do it, you just get to enjoy it!

But aside from making tings easy for you, why should you leave this once in a lifetime purchase to your professional wedding photographers expertise?

I will tell you. I deliver HUNDREDS of images! I’ve been told from brides and mothers that it’s too overwhelming. That its actually too many photos to choose from.

What happens with something is overwhelming? We put it off and just don’t do it.

Reason 2: Your photographer can pick photos throughout the day that will tell the complete story. Albums will only hold so many photos and if your not careful you will end up with 10 albums because you couldn’t choose photos. Your photographer can hand pick photos from each part of your day to tell your whole story!

This is the signature book that we offer, can you see the print difference?

Reason 3: The labs your photographer has access to is way better in quality than what you will be able to access. My professional lab guarantees their albums for 100 years! Shutterfly and Walgreens won’t do that. Those images may fade over time.

You have to be a professional photography with a tax ID number to even order from professional grade labs.

If you are going to invest in an album, don’t you want to make sure it’s the best quality possible? So your legacy will last for generations?

I understand, but I still can’t afford it.

We offer gift certificates! Tell your family and friends you want the gift that lasts a lifetime! They can purchase gift certificates from us and you can use those to get those photos printed in an album to cherish forever! What better gift could you ask for?!

Email us at christina.nate.rice@gmail.com or call/text 816.244.4864

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