We now offer albums!!

I won’t lie, I’ve been putting off offering albums. They take TIME to make! And then there’s the added mess of paying and submitting sales tax and so on.

So why did I decide to offer albums? Because I am such a strong believer that you NEED albums!!

Time Commitment

If you are like me.. the thought of making the albums is time consuming or even overwhelming. It’s harder when its your photos, it’s harder to make decisions and choose the “best ones”.

We have brides who a year later are telling me “ya I need to get around and get some prints ordered”.

A YEAR LATER and they still haven’t made albums or printed their images. You guuuuyyysssss!!!!!

You need printed products! So if you all are like me and don’t take the time to make your albums, let me do it for you!

The Quality

The second reason I decided to make the jump into offering albums is the quality. I have printed albums at Shutterfly and I have printed our photos in the high quality albums as samples and the difference is HUGE!

You do not have access to the professional grade labs that I do. Sure, places like Walgreens and Walmart might offer lay flat albums now… but the quality…. it’s like comparing McDonalds to a Steak House. There’s no comparison.

Sure they cost a lot more, but it’s your WEDDING! Those other labs are fine for your day to day cell phone photos, but your wedding is something special. It’s unique. It’s a BIG DEAL.

I believe your wedding day deserves the best quality you can have. Quality you can only get from a professional lab and I wanted to give you access to it.

They are marked up so high–

I’ll save money and make my own

This is a common belief and a lot of photographers do mark up their albums 5 times the actual cost. Not me. I want you to have the albums! I want you to be able to preserve your memories in a signature album!

I don’t mark up our albums. There I said it. I am different than other photographers.

They do take several hours to create and I do charge labor costs to create the albums. But I don’t mark up the albums. This means, if you want to purchase duplicate albums, I sell them to you at cost! You already paid the labor cost in the first album, it doesn’t take any extra labor on my part to click the quantity button and add extra albums to the order!

So what lab did we pick?

I have searched all last year for the “right” company to get our labs from. I’ve ordered albums from many companies and……. drumroll……..I have chosen Miller’s lab.

It’s a local midwest lab located in Pittsburg Kansas with a sub location in Columbia Missouri! Helllloooo local lab! Whoo hoo!

This lab is used by some really high quality professional photographers. I’m talking about photographers who charge 10,000 per wedding! (Did I mention, we are learning directly from these “togs” to bring you the best images we can!)

It was started in 1939, by Bill Miller who served as a cinematographer on the front lines of World War II. How cool is that! His footage is the footage we still see today!

The company is now run by his sons. I love the fact it’s a family operated business!

Common print labs

Ok, hopefully by now I have convinced you that you need albums in your life! If you still want to create your own, the best common print lab that you can use, would be MPix.

They are actually also owned by the Miller family! This would be just a step down from our professional lab! This company produces quality!

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