The story of Nate and Christina Rice: Part 1 The story of us part 1: The one where they cross paths, but never meet. I have decided to do something a bit different and let you in on us. Who are we? What are we like? What’s our history? Let’s get real and walk life […]

Trash the junk food. Sizzle, crackle, pop. Heat on your face. A roaring fire. This fire was different, it wasn’t made of firewood as you might imagine but instead was created by a giant pile of junk food! Kristy made the choice to get heathy, to better her life, and she began by burning and […]

What are some wedding must haves in your go bag? There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of people on a wedding day. What should you pack in your bag to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible? We have created a list of 4 things we, as photographers, carry […]

An engagement session at Mozingo Lake Beach in Maryville, Missouri The warm sun and a cool breeze. Waves lapping at the shore. Blue sparkling water. It looks like a sea of diamonds. Rich, creamy sand. Suddenly, the quietness was pierced by laughter. A girl walking along the beach, almost fell in. Her fiancé holding her […]

Mozingo Lake Beach Session It was a nice sunny day in Northwest Missouri and we were gearing up to take senior photos! Our senior was a quiet but a fun girl. She requested some of the more urban settings with some grafitti walls and more of an edgy feel. This was a lot of fun, […]

Mozingo Lake Wedding Maryville MO It was a gorgeous summer day for a wedding at the Lake! Wayne and Belinda were beaming with happiness. They were so kind and sweet and relaxed a calm, it created the perfect wedding day for us. Nice and laid back with plenty of laughter and love. They made us […]

An Engagement session in Northwest Missouri. Ala Mater. These two lovebirds graduated from my own ala mater, bringing back memories. West Nodaway, for those of you in the area who would understand where that is. Man, it’s been a long time. I won’t tell you. I won’t date myself, HA. This young man purposed after […]

Why are we passionate about wedding photography? Memories. Once an event passes, all we have are the memories and photographs, if they were taken. I believe that photography should be one of the things you invest in the most for your wedding day. When it is all over, the caterer, the DJ, everyone leaves. The […]

My summer in Paraguay and Brazil

How to take better photos? Everyone wants to look their best in their photos, but you can’t always have a professional photographer around. I mean it would be pretty cool to have your own paparazzi, at least fun ones like us, but its just not plausible. So how can you get better photos on your […]