Lets talk New Year Resolutions. Raise your hand if you have already failed them this year! Yep that’s usually me. I don’t typically last very long at my new “goals” Drop a comment below with what your New Year’s Resolutions are this year! We want to cheer you on! If you have fallen off the […]

So I missed a Monday. Anyone else out there that misses deadlines they put for themselves? Today I want to share some heart with you. We used to be foster parents. Two years ago marks the week we said goodbye to our foster son and I just wanted to share that blog post I wrote […]

Meet Us Monday’s: So Now that Nate and I had officially “met” how was I going to get him to notice me? He had mentioned that he had minored in sign language. My uncle had married a woman who has a deaf nephew. So I asked Nate if he would teach me sign language so […]

Meet us Mondays: The story of Nate and Christina Rice: The one where we finally met. So last week, we started our blog series on getting to know us and how we ran into each other but never officially “met”. You can read about that HERE. After three years of knowing the same people and […]

The story of Nate and Christina Rice: Part 1 The story of us part 1: The one where they cross paths, but never meet. I have decided to do something a bit different and let you in on us. Who are we? What are we like? What’s our history? Let’s get real and walk life […]

Why are we passionate about wedding photography? Memories. Once an event passes, all we have are the memories and photographs, if they were taken. I believe that photography should be one of the things you invest in the most for your wedding day. When it is all over, the caterer, the DJ, everyone leaves. The […]

My summer in Paraguay and Brazil

“I want the RAW files” Have you heard about RAW files? A lot of people have, although not everyone knows exactly what RAW means. Some people have heard things like “make sure to get the RAWS from your photographer” and so they ask. But what are you really asking for? Do you think that Raws […]

5 Ways to Have a Stress Free Wedding Do you have anxiety about your upcoming wedding? Are you dreaming of a stress free wedding? I know the feeling. All sorts of details swirling around in your head. So many things to remember. So many decisions to make. You’re afraid you will forget something the day […]

My mother had cancer. Yes, that nasty C word and sadly, yes past tense.  My mother died in 2012, just a few short months after we were married. Before she died a photographer here locally donated a photo session to us when my mom was first diagnosed, to capture her before she no longer resembled […]