A Hopkins wedding at Denric Hall Dim lights. Soft music. A bride swaying to the beat. She’s holding a toddler, a precious baby. She acts as though they are the only ones in the room. Being in the moment. Giving her time, attention and love. It’s the dollar dance and I am struck by how […]

Clarinda Iowa Wedding A laughing, bright eyed toddler, wobbling over with arms raised up, asking to be picked up. The man picks her up and holds her as she giggles with happiness. He tenderly feeds her and attends to her needs. To most people this would look like a father with his baby girl, or […]

Omaha Wedding Omaha Wedding. The Pella at Blackstone “You’re not going to be a good husband, you’re going to be a great husband and you did what I did 28 years ago. You married well.” Those were the words of a father to a son. As glasses clinked, I don’t think there was a dry […]

Wedding at Castle Bridge, St. Jospeh, MO I’ve never met a woman as beautiful or as strong as you. I truly believe you were God-sent for me. Those were Hunter’s words to his new bride Aubrey during the testimony he gave to all of their friends and family. Hunter spoke about how he came to […]

Wedding Day Resources for brides! We are wedding photographers. Which means we have seen many wedding days. I’m not sure if any wedding day goes 100 percent according to plan. Part of navigating a wedding day is being flexible and able to roll with what gets tossed at you. However, there are things you can […]

Mozingo Lake Wedding Maryville MO It was a gorgeous summer day for a wedding at the Lake! Wayne and Belinda were beaming with happiness. They were so kind and sweet and relaxed a calm, it created the perfect wedding day for us. Nice and laid back with plenty of laughter and love. They made us […]

Why are we passionate about wedding photography? Memories. Once an event passes, all we have are the memories and photographs, if they were taken. I believe that photography should be one of the things you invest in the most for your wedding day. When it is all over, the caterer, the DJ, everyone leaves. The […]

A beautiful country wedding in Stanberry Missouri. Megan and Ben’s wedding day was picture perfect! Everyone was beyond nice and they were all calm! No one got flustered, no one seemed in a rush! A marvel to be had! When I arrived, the mother of the bride was working on making the flower bouquets, made […]

“I want the RAW files” Have you heard about RAW files? A lot of people have, although not everyone knows exactly what RAW means. Some people have heard things like “make sure to get the RAWS from your photographer” and so they ask. But what are you really asking for? Do you think that Raws […]

It was two days before the wedding and my sweet bride’s wedding dress had not arrived yet. Can you even imagine how she felt?! So our bride went to Hilton Wedding Boutique in Clarinda and found a stunning dress! Check out her page HERE! Not to miss irony, the original dress came in the mail, […]