How long does it take to get the prints back?
It can take up to 6 or 8 weeks to receive the full gallery from your wedding day. A sneak peak will be given in one or two weeks.

Will we get a printed version?
We give our clients full access to their gallery online where they can download their photos. We recommend printing at MPix instead of a place like Walmart or Walgreens. The print quality is worlds apart and you will be much happier with your images if you print from Mpix. We are able to print them for you, for additional cost.

Do you do destination weddings?
Yes! We love to travel! We will go anywhere in the world to capture your day! You will need to pay for our plane, bus and/or train ticket as well as book us a room in the same hotel. This makes it much easier to photograph your adventure!

What equipment do you use?
Great question! We use Canon! We have two Canon Mark III’s that we adore and we have a variety of lenses in various lengths to be prepared for your day!

Do you provide video?

No, we do not provide video at this time.

How and when do we book a date? Simply message us and see if we have your date available! You can email us at Or fill out our contact form by clicking 

You will need to provide a 30 percent non-refundable deposit in order to get your date marked in our calendar in INK!. Until the deposit is paid, that calendar date is up for grabs. 

Who retains the copyright of the images?
There are a lot of varying opinions on this topic and different photographers will answer this question differently.

As the client, you will get a print release for all of your photos. This release allows you to print, share, edit, copy and crop ANY of the photos in the gallery for PERSONAL use ONLY. As the photographer,

We retain the “copyright” which means you can not use the images for commercial marketing, nor can you give your images to someone else for them to use in commercial marketing. It also means that you, nor anyone else, can print and sell the photos for a profit.

We believe that you have paid us to TAKE these photos, for the time and labor in capturing the pictures and editing them, but not for the actual photos themselves. This is a different mindset than a lot of other photographers have. The photos are of you, so we feel if you want to try out the newest Instagram filter, go right ahead! If anyone asks who took them, please give them our name!

If for some reason later in life you want to use a photo for commercial purposes, just send us a message and ask!

What is included in your editing?

We do minimal editing. I will lighten or darken the image adjusting the colors to pop. I edit out blemishes if asked, eye sores in the photo.

We do not do extensive editing such as face -swapping, photoshopping someone out of a photo, changing your clothes, changing your hair style, taking pounds off a body or removing every wrinkle or freckle on a face. We do not add fake skies or fake environments. We take pride in keeping the photos true to life, capturing the beauty that is there, as they are