Emotions. My goal in a session is to catch your emotions, what you are feeling. I want to capture the essence of YOU.

My favorite wedding photo was one someone took of us at our first dance. The way that Nate was looking at me was so tender and sweet and his favorite photo was a candid snapshot after we came back down the aisle. I was hot and fanning my face and my face was lit up with radiant joy. Both were brief moments, gone in an instant, possibly not even noticed by the two of us at the time, but those two moments have meant the world to me. When we have a disagreement, I go look at that photo and see the way he looks at me with love and my heart softens and I’m ready to talk it out.

My favorite type of photos are capturing those sweet, tender, funny, blink of an eye moments; capturing the essence of you. I tend to toss in several “outtakes” in my galleries, just because I love the looks on your faces!

Photojournalism. Photojournalism is defined by capturing photos without interfering. Collecting the moments as they happen without staging or posing. A great example is a news reporter covering an event. A reporter does not stop a basketball game to pose a shot, they stay out of the way, like a fly-on-the-wall and shoot the game as it unfolds in real time. There are no do-overs.

I used to work for a newspaper for several years. It has really defined my style of shooting. I LOVE photojournalism. I LOVE being a fly-on-the-wall! Our newspaper was a small town newspaper. There were two full time reporters. We wrote the articles and took our own photos to go along with the stories.

As a small town reporter, I shot photos of people posing from portraits and group photos to fast action shots such as bull riding, basketball and other sports. In essence, I gained a lot of experience shooting a variety of subjects and in a multitude of situations.

There is a time for those still-posed shots, the one you want to frame on the wall and there is also a time for those journalistic shots when the subjects in the photos have no idea the photo was being taken. Those shots show people in their element; how they interact. It captures their personality and their true happiest smiles instead of their “photo smiles”.

Photojournalism is not the same as “candid shots”. Candids are pictures that are taken randomly at whatever is happening. Journalistic photos have been thought out and a little planned by the photographer. I might see an interaction going on between a bride and her mother. Instead of snapping a quick shot and moving on, I watch the interaction and wait for them to turn the right way or I wait for the smile or wait for that emotional squeeze you-so-tight-because-I-love-you-so-much hug. It is similar to a candid as in the subjects do not know they are getting photographed, but the photo has more meaning, more depth, required more fore-thought, a keen eye, and was taken with a specific purpose in mind.

A photojournalist photo tells a story or conveys an emotion. When you see the photo, you can “feel” the emotion. A couple’s happy smiles, a father with tears in his eyes, a ring-bearer playing hide-and-seek with the bride in between formal portraits, a mother pinning the boutonniere on her son, grandpa giving grandma a kiss while they dance. So many moments, so many emotions, so much love.

As a photojournalist, I want to tell your story. As a wedding photographer, I realize the need for formal photos as well as journalistic. We will do a mix of photos throughout the day, according to the need.
There will be both formal shots and journalistic photos in your gallery, telling the story and love of you and your friends and family. What does that mean? Keep reading….

When we are doing the formal portraits, we show up big. Lots of energy and happiness. These are your wedding party photos and your family portraits. We give clear directions, keeping things light and moving. These will be posed, making sure all the details are in their exact place, count to three, everyone SMILE!

And THEN, there are my FAVORITE shots of your wedding day. The journalistic shots!

Don’t be surprised if in between those formal shoots if we get really quiet and fade away. We aren’t being rude, we LOVE you guys. The quieter we get, the less we interject ourselves into your interactions with your loved ones. The more we “fade into the background” the better the journalistic shots we get. When people forget they are being photographed they let their guard down, relax and let their true selves show their emotions, making for photos you will treasure forever.

Let us capture your LOVE STORY by walking with you on your wedding day!

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